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Velourium is a true departure in the Spire cannon of work, and is unlike any previous release. Velourium represents an entirely different side of Spire: his love of electronica / dance music and the female voice. Released in 2008, this is Spire's third "official" release.

Velourium is a collection of ten electronic songs dedicated to the female spirit, and features four female vocalists: LA Kendall, Lola Love, Wynne C. Blue and Tana Miller. The tunes range in tempo and color from blistering dancefloor progressive house to silky downtempo chillers. This album has a lage palate of sonic colors, so be prepared for a thrill-ride. Listen while pre-funking for an evening out or just take it along and play it at the party!

Genres include: House, progressive house and downtempo electronica.

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