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Current News:

Playing in a band now with Michael Maricle called "Bloom". Beautiful, positive, uplifting downtempo songs with lyrics. Currently recording & mixing the as-yet-untitled album. Hope to be done by the end of the year. Likely going to give away low res versions of the songs for free. More news on that as it comes.

Working on a house music production trio with Michael Manahan and Michael Maricle! We've kicked out two great jams already. Check my soundcloud page for updates and works in progress.

Working on sound for a film called "Tracings" with Steve Barsotti. It is a dance film by (and starring) Marissa Niederhauser. Showing this December.

Did I mention the remix I did for Zero-One? Called "Dreams - Spire's Midnight Mix". Album out soon. Other remixers include Bluetech...

Did a track for local duo Luxury AK called "People Talking Sh*t". Recorded them, composed the backing track, mixed and mastered. Check it out on their MySpace page.

Upcoming Events:

Photosynthesis Festival coming soon....