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About Spire:

Jake Perrine began composing electronic music in 1984 on an Apple II+, and has been making computer based music ever since.  He composed his first original operatic work, “Vamp”, entirely with early DOS sequencers and MIDI synthesizers.  In 2000, Jake relocated to New York City to stage a newly revised production of “Vamp” which was performed at the Lamb’s Theatre in Times Square.  Since returning to Seattle in 2001, he has released three CDs of his own music under his solo electronic project, “Spire”, which are available online at and iTunes.  He also DJs, scores and remixes, including a remix for Sir Mix-a-lot, and a winning score for Best Animated Short at South by Southwest in 2002. Jake is also proud to master CDs for many great international electronic music artists at RFI/CD in Seattle. Finally, Jake teaches audio production at Art Institute of Seattle and Cornish College of the Arts, and physical theatre at Freehold Theatre Lab.